We offer sofas in many variants

You don't like your original furniture anymore? Come to us to choose a new one. A tailor-made sofa that will make your home more enjoyable and your expectations come true. You can place it anywhere. You can put it in a free space, a wall, a niche, or anywhere else.
Your chosen new sofa for the wholesale and retail sale of furniture, garden furniture and toys Jiří Vencl will become the original according to your wishes. Tell us what they should be and we will fulfill your wishes. Choose from a wide assortment, combine dimensions, colors, material will not be a problem for us.

Are you among those customers looking for a stylish look, interesting design, a modern look, practicality or something else? Don't hesitate and come. We offer solutions even for a limited budget wish to get what you want. Tailor-made sofa and according to your wishes at a favourable price. We believe that you will belong to those customers who repeatedly return to us.

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