Mácha Lake

Do you want to experience a sensational holiday full of bathing and antics in the water, sunbathing on the beach from the sand, but also beautiful walks in the surrounding nature or summer sports or cultural exploration of castles and chateaux? Then there's a special offer right for you. Mácha Lake with its accommodation a short shore next to the Pinewood.
A lot of possibilities to take advantage of leisure time, it is Mácha Lake and its beautiful surrounding nature. Take your family, pack up your stuff and get in the car in the direction of northern Bohemia. Before you do this, please visit our website for all information about the price and capacity of the beds. You can also read where to go in the area and where to live culturally or sporty. Plan this year's holiday with us and enjoy it.

School Trips
Mácha Lake, or accommodation near him, also offers accommodation for school trips for the months of May, June and September, either with full board or half board.


Most Played pieces!

A particularly nutrent portion of gaming entertainment is 1001 games that bring an excellent gaming opportunity to all virtual reality lovers.

Do you love virtual games? You can download computer games Online. Move into the Internet gaming portal, which will satisfy your player's expectations perfectly for free. Redeem your experience, knowledge and skills in a competitive event that many logical, strategic, combat, racing, farmer and other games for different ages can make a perfect contribution. Season runs at full tilt, so don't hesitate to check the Web portal. Accessible anytime and anywhere.
You will lose your

Who can, he can. And it can show off in a favorable atmosphere that will delight every fighting spirit. And this unequivocally in a positive sense words that mean 1001 games.


Do business quickly, quietly in a few days

Have you decided after a long thought that you will finally go? That you will finally become your own master and plunge into business? Want to start quickly? Preferably immediately and immediately? We can't guarantee an instant start, but having a ready-made business in just a few days, yes. You just need to choose your new Ready Made Ltd company with us, and you can start.
You want to do business, do it! With us, you have
Now you know you can buy a pre-founded company, but what does it actually entail? It's simple, choose the company you like, your seat in Prague or Brno and the amount of capital. We guarantee that everything is in accordance with the law and absolutely evidable. The company is registered in the commercial register, has a well-formed data box according to the law and even a bank account. Just everything you need.


We offer sofas in many variants

You don't like your original furniture anymore? Come to us to choose a new one. A tailor-made sofa that will make your home more enjoyable and your expectations come true. You can place it anywhere. You can put it in a free space, a wall, a niche, or anywhere else.
Your chosen new sofa for the wholesale and retail sale of furniture, garden furniture and toys Jiří Vencl will become the original according to your wishes. Tell us what they should be and we will fulfill your wishes. Choose from a wide assortment, combine dimensions, colors, material will not be a problem for us.

Are you among those customers looking for a stylish look, interesting design, a modern look, practicality or something else? Don't hesitate and come. We offer solutions even for a limited budget wish to get what you want. Tailor-made sofa and according to your wishes at a favourable price. We believe that you will belong to those customers who repeatedly return to us.


Think of small Things

When furnishing new housing, most people head around. Many different things need to be arranged, which is often more demanding than it might seem at first glance. If you are struggling with something like that, and you want your new housing to look your best, you should also think of different things. Perhaps the drawers meet in almost every room, so why not choose them to look their best and become an ornament for your living? You will see that in our offer you will definitely find something that you are very pleased with.
Choose what you will like with us
In our offer you will find these small parts, and believe that you will definitely choose. We have a truly wide range of quality goods for you to choose from. We always strive to offer our customers only real quality goods. So whenever you choose to choose anything, you can be sure that you will be very happy with it. So do not hesitate to contact us anytime, we are happy to take care of everything.


Land must be secured

Whether you own any land, you must secure it and prevent the entry of strangers who have nothing to do with your land. You secure the land by a suitable fence. If it is a land that is in a quiet place and you do not have curious neighbors, you can build a fence of ordinary mesh. With such a fence, you will not have enough privacy, but it will fulfill your property security function, and it won't cost you too much money. A fence made of ordinary mesh has a disadvantage over other fences in that it is easily disruptable. The ingrown grass causes its corrosion, and dogs who try to get to the plot through the fence will be unable to make bad things with it. To protect the mesh from these intruders, you need to make a concrete foundation in the construction of the fence.
The Underwall protects the fence
The main function of the concrete foundation is to protect the mesh from the ingrown grass, which causes it to rust. You can simplify the construction of the foundation and save a small amount of money when the concrete parts are planted instead of the classic concrete under the fence. These concrete panels, also known as the Sub-board, do not need any foundations. It is made in different sizes and Decoras.

You don’t have to invent fun anymore

Classics and News

Do you like singing or enjoying the singing performances of your friends, colleagues or acquaintances? Go for fun with karaoke lyrics. It will definitely not be boring and sing is fun and reacting from the everyday bustle. Have fun with karaoke.

All hits in one place

We have prepared karaoke texts for you on our site, where you will find really many, from the most popular performers and groups. You can conveniently choose your favorite in alphabetical order and then cut out his song.

You'll have fun

With Karaoke lyrics you will not be bored. You're going to take the fun into full corners. Laugh with your friends. Let yourself be tempted by the fun. Try out what it is to be a singer, whether good or funny. You can vote who of you would win a star infantry:-)


Turn your windows into a whole interior

Plastic windows

The main advantages you can expect from plastic windows are that they have great thermal insulation properties, which surely each of us will appreciate. Reducing the heat leak by twenty to forty percent is already worth it and this is a really big number. However, the plastic windows offer you a lot more, see their qualities themselves.
Great Price

Compared to aluminium windows, our plastic is roughly three times cheaper, although the plastic window has better thermal insulation properties and much more. We offer windows at great prices because we want our customers to be extremely satisfied.


Folding Sofa-Universal Usability

Who wants to have a comfortable and cosily furnished apartment or house, so should think about the comfort and the possibility of peaceful rest. This can be ensured by sofas in any interior. These are just for pleasant relaxation and home comfort as created.
To choose the sofas exactly according to your wishes is with the offer, which is available to all customers in the online shop of the company Ná, an absolute toy. The varied offer in the best material and design design at very affordable prices will satisfy even the most demanding customers.
Sofas for true Comfort
The main philosophy of sales in this e-shop is the total satisfaction of all customers. Proof of this are perfect services, complete assortment of goods, high quality and low prices. Even sofas are not left behind. Everyone chooses their comfort.


Cabinets are increasingly popular today

Metal cabinets are increasingly popular nowadays. This is due to their great qualities and affordable price. Thanks to them, you can effectively solve the malt in your workshop or anywhere else. This is their other advantage, because they are very versatile and multifunctional.
Metal cabinets of the highest quality are supplied and manufactured by the company B2BPartner, which has been on the market for several years. During that time we have gained many satisfied customers all over the Czech Republic who are written in our preferences. This allows you to believe that you will be completely satisfied with our products.
Free Shipping
Our company not only manufactures metal cabinets, but also supplies them throughout the Czech Republic. Moreover, the entire transport will be completely free. Who offers you more?