You've gotten a great idea to improve your old and modest dwelling, after you've stoned and decided to finally enjoy. Where are you the most preferred partner? In the bedroom? And what would you say about the new and super modern timeless design and also ergonomic double beds? You really have to start where you wake up in the morning and you're on a new day. It will be useful and you do well.
We put in the apartment…
Why not go a little further, and to the piece of furniture inviting the beds to take a large spacious mirror cabinet, in which you cram but really everything not only your clothes, but also the partner. That would be a real bomb! Finally, give each other this amazing practical gift, where, smiling and extremely satisfied every morning, you will open your eyes next to each other and welcome the new Day together.


Check out our exclusive offer

You can't wait for your big day to come, and you'd like to announce it to the whole world? Wedding announcement is an important part of every wedding and the future spouses wish that just that their announcement was perfect and unique. We will help you at this point and get the products exactly to your liking.

For the originality and uniqueness that your wedding announcement impresses with the attention of your loved ones, we use various printing technologies, such as laser, digital printing, gold print and other ways to make your announcement truly unique. You will be satisfied with our work.

We are happy to help

We have many years of experience that we use to provide assistance with the selection of the print on the wedding announcement and the selection of wedding texts. We constantly follow the contemporary fashion trends that force us to offer new and new products, which ensures the uniqueness of our goods.


A gift that is not forgotten

The beauty of the female sex from time immemorial accenting various jewels. Jewellery has been cut by the ladies since birth and their welcome to the world will not do without children's earrings. The first gift that a little lady gets from Daddy, moms, grandmothers or grandfathers, or other relatives. A gift that guides the princess through the first morning half of her life and eventually hides in the box as a family jewel in memory or for another little princess.
Original gift for a little birthday girl
Every little birthday girl gets mainly a pile of toys and clothes. But how about giving a little lady a beautiful jewel? In the selection of children's earrings you will find magnificent gems, which will be very polite to the princess. Classical shapes also atypical, of white or yellow gold, but also of silver. Colorful rhinestones give the jewel a magnificent glitter. Because small Rwandans tend to be unobsessed and the jewel can easily be lost, you can simply lock the fastening.


Cycling trails are nearby

Do not sit at home and come to see our mountains at least for the weekend. We promise that you will be fascinate with the local beautiful nature. You can hike to the tops of the mountains. It offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.

Near the border with Poland

You can find us in the northeast of the Czech Republic. It's only a small piece from Ostrava on the border with Poland. We will advise you with your accommodation Jeseníky.

Be sure to take your bikes with you

I'm sure you like riding bikes. In our country it is more mountainous than road. You can drive to the surrounding area and explore the region.

You can also visit the beautiful spa Karlova Studánka, as well as other locations. In our facility we will prepare you a modern equipped room with a view of the highest mountain of the whole Moravia. It is great-grandfather, at the top of which is a television transmitter.


Tune in to US

Why let yourself spoil your mood with what's happening around you when you can keep up the mood with the Impuls radio? Because we will give you joy in everyday activities not only with funny moderators, but also great songs that you love.
You'll see that everything goes better when you have a good mood and listen to the great music that gives you the power. To do this, you need to tune in the Impuls radio, which will captivate you with the great repertoire of music you love. In addition, you can also take part in entertaining competitions for valuable prizes.
With joy and wit
Be always positively tuned and don't get this good mood just for yourself. Share your source of Impuls radio, which pamks your listeners and offers them only the best music.

Accommodation Mountains

Our company has been specializing in stays throughout the Czech Republic for many years and we offer you only quality, mostly our first tested accommodation at very low prices. Try our offers in the category "Accommodation Mountains" and you will see that you will not be disappointed.
Accommodation Mountains is the best opportunity to experience a relaxing holiday in the most beautiful Czech areas. Ideal is this holiday not only because of the beautiful nature, but also thanks to the great possibilities of sport.
With us you choose
If you are interested in this type of accommodation, then do not hesitate to visit our website, which offers you a clear online search, information on individual mountain areas as well as specific offerings. On the site you will also find contacts to us and you can use our offer, when we make an order directly for you tailored to your requirements. Try the mountain accommodation and you will not regret it!


Minimum money for beauty and elegance

Looking at your kitchen, do you conclude that it would be a change? Do not like your old and visually innice kitchen and would like to wish you a new, fresh and exactly according to your tastes? Nothing prevents you! We offer you the highest quality kitchen cabinets.
Perhaps everyone knows that the kitchen is dominated by the whole kitchen. Do not underestimate its selection and create a favourite place from this room in which every member of your family likes to spend time. Choose from a menu where only quality kitchen cabinets are available.
Correct selection
With the right selection of the kitchen, it does not matter only a nice appearance. Look for a line that is especially practical, made of quality material and has a clearly arranged arrangement of all cabinets. Look for us. You can find exactly such lines in our wide range.


Decrease in oestrogen production

Have you tried many of the products that offer tutorials how does Klimakterium get away from their lives? Were you worse, and no effect appeared? Have you spent the unfated money? Now do nothing, and in the comfort of your home, take your coffee, tea, glass of wine to your computer and visit our website.
The events and offers from our company, when you can try our product, will assure you of its quality. He has been developing for many years abroad and is now gaining a well-deserved global success. Klimacterium and its symptoms can be eliminated with certainty, and thus it gives you what you have been looking for.
World Discovery
Your body can defeat Klimakterium, you just need to help him with the power of nature, which hides in our pills, and you will have won forever.


Cool down

Steam summer temps us to cool not only outside but also internally. Someone solves this situation with chilled drinks, other cold fruits, others need frozen delicacies. And just the last option is very widespread among children, although adults also do not resist many times. We often see an individual on the street with a cone of ice cream in hand.
Incredible feelings
At the confectioneries there are counters with a wide range of frozen creams in a variety of colors, with the most diverse flavors. And these are the result of our many years of work on original recipes. In these we use very high quality natural raw materials, thanks to which we achieve incredible achievements. Try them too-excellent taste will leave you incredible feelings.


Mating at your fingertips

Draught ice cream is one of the most popular ice creams ever, and almost nobody would have imagined hot summer days without a favorite ice cream in many flavors. Ice cream is just these days pleasant refreshment and is almost irreplaceable.
Draught Ice Cream

As small children, many of us were running around to the stall where the ice cream was sold, and enjoyed this delicious delicacy. Since then, almost nothing has changed, the draft ice cream is still enjoying the same, if not more popular. It is still a symbol of summer and they love it small and large.
Ideal ice cream

Can you imagine how such an ideal draught ice cream should look like? It should definitely have a delicious and distinctive flavor, it should have the correct consistency and should be creamy. We have a quality Czech company with many years of experience.