Land must be secured

Whether you own any land, you must secure it and prevent the entry of strangers who have nothing to do with your land. You secure the land by a suitable fence. If it is a land that is in a quiet place and you do not have curious neighbors, you can build a fence of ordinary mesh. With such a fence, you will not have enough privacy, but it will fulfill your property security function, and it won't cost you too much money. A fence made of ordinary mesh has a disadvantage over other fences in that it is easily disruptable. The ingrown grass causes its corrosion, and dogs who try to get to the plot through the fence will be unable to make bad things with it. To protect the mesh from these intruders, you need to make a concrete foundation in the construction of the fence.
The Underwall protects the fence
The main function of the concrete foundation is to protect the mesh from the ingrown grass, which causes it to rust. You can simplify the construction of the foundation and save a small amount of money when the concrete parts are planted instead of the classic concrete under the fence. These concrete panels, also known as the Sub-board, do not need any foundations. It is made in different sizes and Decoras.