Drake covers GQ Style Bible

Its not his first, not his second time Aubrey Drake Graham covers the GQ magazine. This time we get the chance to see how the fitting went. A behind the scenes video offers a look behind the curtain, showing how he is trying a few looks and outfits til he finally chose the one for the cover. The weird thing about it is, that his privat style is, lets face it, wack! Its not casual, its HipHop clothing from the 90s, Southpole, Rocawear, oversized tees and timbaland boots.  We dont want him to rap while wearing a suit, but to keep an eye on how he is dressing. But who are we to critisize one of HipHops greatest? Though the suits look very sharp on him, and like he mentiones in the video, wearing a suit automatically gives you a feeloing of being a boss, adult, dead serious and nobody to fuck with.