The Brooklyn Circus College/Varsity Jacket Video

Till today we dont know how they are called correctly, varsity or college jackets? Fact is, they are hot and upgrade every look to another level. But it has to be qualitative, especially the leather, the colours have to be chosen very well and  the details have to be on point, means its not that easy to design ok, we chose varsity, jacket. But it seems that the design team behind The Brooklyn Circus is pretty skilled. Take a look on how they worked on the upcoming varsity jacket for fall/winter 2011. What we love about the brand is that they let the customer take part at the crafting process through all these little clips, videos and pictures. Thats what you need ourdays, a relationship with the customer, you have to win his trust. By the way, the jacket looks mad fire…We have attached some pictures of their previous releases.